“Venetian Heritage, live the legend”


Ville Venete

In Treviso Province the extraordinary flourishing of summer residences that the great families of Venice built around ythe 16th and 19th, in perfect harmony with nature, in the countryside near the Serenissima Repubblic of Venice, deserves a particular notice and some free time to visit them.
Many of these have been recognized world wide patrimony by the Unesco with their frescoes and pictures of the most important representatives of Rinascimento.

Surely the ones designed by the architect Andrea Palladio with classical and noble forms are destined to fascinate the world, as Villa Barbaro in Maser and  Villa Emo in Vedelago actually visitable by tourists especially during the weekend.

Villa Emo is one of the most famoud works of Andrea Palladio with the main body of the bulding that stands on an elavated and forward position and two long rows of poplar marking the entrances to the villas.
Villa Barbaro: the best way to admire Villa Barbaro is from “exedra” by the road, just in front of the Villa. This is probably one of the best examples ofthe very idea of Venetian Villas, where buildings, countryside, paths and fiels are merged together.

Still today, Venetian Villas, represent the hearth of activities of our territory, with their tourist activities tied to hospitality, congresses, wellness and food and beverage industry.