“The Piave filters underground e reappears sparkling throughout the countryside”



Ormelle, a small village in the countryside’s hearth of Treviso Province crossed and wetted byPiave river, is far only 10 km from Oderzo and was peopled since Romans era, as testify a lot of ruins and archaeological finds. Located along the Piave wine road, one of the oldest wine route of Italy, is divided in several little outlying suburbs as Tempio and Roncadelle, where there is our cellar’s headquarter.

The area is crossed by several water courses that characterize the favourable composition of the surrounding land, ideal for growing great wines: hectares of vineyards prosper around the beautiful villas and surroundings.

During a journey in this countryside corner of Treviso province, after tasting our Doc Piave wines, you have to visit the Monumental church of the knights Templar, built on XII-XIII centuries by the Knights of Malta and that nowadays is surely one the best conserved church of this ancient religious Order.

Who were the Knights Templar?

The order of the Temple, recognizable for the distinctive white mantle with red cross of members, had been founded during the First Crusade by a group of knights that offered themselves to the Patriarch of Jerusalem to protect Christian pilgrims who were en route to the Holy land to visit the shrines sacred to their faith.

After 2 centuries of defending the Christian faith, the order met its demise when Philip IV sought to destroy the Templar, moved by his belief that they were corrupted and he had the Templars arrested on 1307 for trampling and spitting on the cross and worshipping an idol. The Order had been dissolved on 1312 and still nowadays a lot of mystery and legends animated their existence.