Provincia di Treviso

The Province of Treviso, well known as Marca Trevigiana, is a province located in the eastern part of Veneto region far away only few chilometers from Venice, the Dolomites and the Friuli Venezia Giulia and with its beautiful sights, its interesting itineraries and its unmistakable cuisine, never disappoint the visitors’ expectations.

 To visit

Marca Trevigiana, in the ancient time called also “The joyous and loving March ”,within a territory that in a quite small area connects the Prealpi mountain range to the Venetian lagoon, has to offer an unspoilt nature and breathtaking landscape, from the gentle and sunny hills ofValdobbiadene and Conegliano to the fertile land. Water abound and flows everywhere, making this area really fertile and rich for valuable cultivations, such us vineyards, asparagus and red chicory (Radicchio rosso di Treviso).
But it has not only nature to offer, it has also incomparable ancient towns, walled citadels andvillages with typical stone houses, imposing casteles and gentry palaces with remarkable villas.
In the imposing frescoed churches, in the abbeys, sanctuaries and parish churches you can see the testimonies of faith and religious culture that has left vigorous traces both on territory and museums.
Thousands of years in history left indelible traces all along the province of Treviso. Roman roads, churches, castles, fortifications, villas, areas of environmental interest: the signs of the man’s passage have modified the “Marca Trevigiana” through the centuries, and their understanding helps a better interpretation of the territory and the today’s society.
The list of towns to visit is really really long and so here we suggest you to have a look toConegliano, birthplace of painters Cima and Giorgione, Oderzo, Valdobbiadene, Asolo, Vittorio Veneto and our small town Ormelle.

 To taste

The local gastronomy has obviously been inspired by such generous nature: is not possible don’t taste Prosecco, red wines from Doc Piave Area, the cheeses as Casatella or “formajo imbriago”, with asparagus of Cimadolmo, red cherries, mushrooms, and also our typical cake “tiramisu”.

“Province of Treviso: captures your hearth”