“The flavour of wine is like a delicate poetry”

The Grape Harvest

The tradition of celebrate the harvesting of grapes and in consequence their precious juice, the wine, has not been lost on our own days: this is the payoff after twelve months of hard works into vineyards, the most important moment of the year characterized by long days among the sunny rows and the coolness of the cellar, by tired arms and must coloured hands.

In Veneto Region, due to its millenary wine history, since the end of August wherever you look, you can see vineyards bursting with lush red and golden grapes and groups of people working their way down the fields, picking them re-discovering some old practices, typical of our country lands.

Even in ancient Rome, with festivals in honour of Baccus, the grape harvest was celebrated with fairs, tastings and events of all sorts and our family has not lost this tradition: with our friends and relatives of a vast mixture of ages we enjoy every vintage, despite the weariness of those days. Our work is accompany with songs of Veneto country culture and with unmistakable snacks under mulberry trees’ branches.