The estates of Cantina Cescon

The heart of our company is represented by 115 hectares of vineyards. 80 of these hectares is located in Eastern Veneto, along the flat banks of the Piave River in the province of Treviso, 15 hectares are located in Friuli Venezia Giulia and 15 hectares in the sunny hills of Valdobbiadene.
These estates are different from each other for climatic, morphological and environmental characteristics.

cescon winery codroipo estate friuli

Former estate of the Duca Badoglio, in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

cescon winery estate in italy

Our new 10 hectare estate in the Municipality of San Biagio di Callalta (Treviso).

san polo di piave treviso estate cescon winery
San Polo di Piave

The family plot, used as a vineyard by grandparents from the 50s.

prosecco valdobbiadene wine

Vineyard located along the sunny slopes of the Santo Stefano hills, in Eastern Veneto.

cescon winery estates - italian wines production

North hamlet of the Municipality of Gorgo al Monticano, crossed by the Livenza River.


Vineyard located in Bosco Location.

basalghelle estates cescon wines production

Fraction of the Municipality of Mansuè.

” guarda il calor del sol che si fa vino giunto dall’umor che dalla vite cola”
Dante Alighieri