“In vino veritas”
Plinio – Historia naturalia

The Environment

We firmly believe that a great wine starts up in the vineyard and matures in the cellar: our wines are strongly tied to the territory and to the environment in which they are born and so, since our beginning, we are committed to safeguarding our vineyard’s well being, protecting the soil, the animals and the insects that live there. The Doc Piave Area is full of watercourse and natural water springs that create an ideal habitat for the developing of vegetation and fauna typical of these lands.

For Italo Cescon winery is extremely important work in harmony with nature, guaranteeing asustainable system and creating development and productivity without compromising the natural conditions of the environment in which we live: our wines are producing using mostly natural fertilizers and no pesticides. In our vineyards we only employ low dosage natural substances (vegetal, animal or mineral): predator insects, rock meal, sulphurs and verdigris to protect vines from cryptogam.

The rationalization of phytosanitary management, the limitation of nitrogenous fertilization and the study of the best environmental situations for the cultivation of the grape, represent for us the best way to produce quality grape supporting the environment: we would guarantee the wholesomeness of our products and the consistence of the organoleptic characteristics of every one of our wines.