A thin, twisted bit of cane, a tralcetto, picked out from the vine prunings by the grandmother Anna and wound around the neck of a bottle of wine produced by her son Italo, at that time still a young cellarworker: such is the origin, in far-off 1957, of Tralcetto logo, the symbol of an ancient oenology that expresses itself trough natural and typicals wines.

An unmistikable brand

The historical line Il Tralcetto with its original symbol still wounded homemade with patience and ability well represents the love for the precious things and a tribute to the land: each bottle has a ribbon applied by hand because we also need to “feast our eyes”.

An ancient label

We firmly believe that no innovation could happen without tradition: that’s we have chosen to preserve the original label of our hystorical line, re-styling just some details. Made with old style “cheese paper” it gives to our bottle an unique evidence of our beginnings.

Our labels with your name

At your request we can personalize our labels with the name you wish, writtend by hand or stamped on a like logo.
A very special pack made even more “special”.

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