The concept

Svejo, Mejo, Rabià e Chieto: wines that transmit and tell in every glass the tradition of our family and of our lands, as ambassadors of the native culture and tasting memories of Piave river.

Try to image when the wine gives off its aromas, shows its colour, its highlights and when it delights us with its taste?
When it is served on the glass: is in the perfect shapes of these irreplaceable crystal companions that every wine becomes an authentic spokeperson of the unique history of that vine, the men’s respect for the nature and the passion that since our beginning animates our work.

Looking the wine through a crystal glass is see your own memories, rediscover signs, colours and aromas linked with a particular moment: it is a taste of histories, traditions and connection with earth.

The glass

The sign that a glass of wine, red wine, draws on a table or on a cloth is the thouchable proof that drinking wine is an adventure that affects the senses in a complex varieties of ways: wine catches the light, reflects and glorifies the world around it and tells the stories of its journey to our glasses. And that’s way we have chosen to “put the glass on the bottle”: a wine has to allow us to crystalize special moments, to reflect and release, it adds soul to a new memory.

The dialectal naming

Emotion is the leit motif that has inspired our new line: it tells us, through images and words, the unique history of precious wines and the passion that every day is renewed. Just as on the bottle we have decided to mark an unmistikable sign, we have chosen to give each wine is own name to state its own personality and identity.
Our wines are fruit of our love for earth and to emphasize the link that connect us to our land, Doc Piave Area, we have reserved each one a dialectal word that expresses the character of that grape and that vineyard.

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