Italian Sparkling Wines: Prosecco ‘I Collinari’
“I Collinari” Italo Cescon is a selection of bubbles to enjoy your toasts: 7 elegant sparkler or light-sparkling wines characterized for their new elegant packaging and for their lively taste to pop the cork and enrich every festive occasion.

Obtained from specially Prosecco, Raboso Piave and Moscato selected grapes sparkling wines are made by the Charmat method, with the aim of enhancing all of their aromas, finesse and elegance. This makes them ideal and delicious companions both for appetizers and for a wide variety of dishes and naturally with dessert.

In the sunny and picturesque hills of Valdobbiadene and Conegliano, the hearth of Prosecco, we cultivate our precious grape enriched by its unique bouquets: here is where Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze and Prosecco have founded their ideal place to express their unmistakable aromas and to display an harmonious and well balanced gamut of flavours.

The satin finished bottle, the brilliant pink with a long-lasting perlage and the nice toasty nose with good body and acidity make our Raboso Rosè Brut, a special cuvee of Raboso Piave grapes, an ideal partner for every formal and informal occasion and for glamorous aperitif all over the world.

With its harmonious and delicate sweetness, its delicate perlage and its aromatic notes, our Amablè Dosè, our sparkling Moscato, is perfect at the end of meal, with the greedy moment of dessert.

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