Organic wine project

We produce what we like with hard work and dedication because we are the first consumers of our wines. Having joined GiottoConsulting’s research group “Organic Wine Project” was the spontaneous evolution of our respect for the environment.

We are conscious that each of us, within its own limit, can give its active contribution to the battle against pollution for a cleaner tomorrow starting from today. In our vineyards we use only methods that guarantee full respect of the territory and our wines are only natural ones. For us organic viticulture means love and respect for nature.

We chose to put people’s and environment’s health in first place, to take advantage of the natural fertility of the soil helping it with very limited interventions and never using industrial, synthetic and genetically modified pesticides and products.

Our oasis in the Piave region and the difficult organic farming methods certainly demand a greater commitment, both intellectual and operative, but we work in an environment that boasts balance and health. These are precious features that pass on to organic products and to our organic wines: genuine and easier to digest.
Furthermore, researchers from the University of Davis in California show that organically grown foods contain higher amounts of protein, polyphenols and antioxidants such as carotenoids and flavonoids, that are considered the most ardent enemies of cellular aging.

Beyond Wine

The choice of materials also winks at ecology: screw caps in aluminium, labels printed with natural ink and a particularly light glass bottle complete a stylish and entirely recyclable packaging. Respect for the environment not only in the production and processing of the grapes but also in the packaging of the finished product.

The screw caps we use are made entirely of aluminium, a precious mineral that can be 100% recycled again and again. The reuse saves the high energy consumption necessary for the extraction and processing of the “new” material in addition to the mineral itself!
Even the decision to reduce the weight of the bottle comes from the need to be at the forefront in protecting the environment without forgetting the need of a safe packaging. Sustainability is the key word that has guided us in this choice.
Being environmentally conscious makes us committed to minimize the emission of CO2 into the environment so we can offer you organic wines from the birth of the grapes to the glass.