duemilavini 2009

Ten edition for the prestigious guide of Associazione Italiana Sommelier, managed by Mr. Franco Maria Ricci, editor of Bibenda magazine: one of the most read wine guides of Italy. Rabià – Raboso Riserva 2005 DOC Piave – 4 grappoli Mejo – Sauvignon 2008 IGT Veneto – 4 grappoli Chieto – Cuvée Cab. Sauv. & Merlot […]

guida dei vini italiani 2008 luca maroni

The guide published by Luca Maroni describes and evaluates the best italian wine production, reserving a particular attention to those wines which have shown the best sensory characteristics during the tasting. Piave Merlot Riserva “La Cesura” 2004 – 85 punti Piave Cabernet Riserva “La Cesura” 2004 – 84 punti Piave Raboso “La Cesura” 2003 – […]

luca maroni annuario migliori vini 2008

An annual which describes the best italian wines, the ones that for their sensory characteristics have really impressed Luca Maroni during the tasting. The Italo Cescon family manages the winery moved by a great passion for wine: located into Doc Piave Area nowadays is leaded by Gloria, Graziella and Domenico Cescon together with mummy Chiara, […]

wines of italy gambero rosso 2008

Piave Cabernet “La Cesura” Riserva 2004 – 2 glass Piave Merlot “La Cesura” Riserva 2005 – 2 glass Piave Raboso Riserva 2003 “La Cesura” – 2 glass Amaranto 72 Riserva 2005 – 2 glass Manzoni Bianco “La Cesura” 2006 – 1 glass Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Extra Dry 2006 – 1 glass Piave Pinot Grigio “La […]

i vini di veronelli 2008

A rigorous and rational region by region guide that presents the best winemakers from Italy and Canton Ticino: more than 15.000 wines entered and judged every year. For each the guide describes the history, the soil, the climate and the people. Amaranto 72 Riserva 2003 – 3 star Piave Raboso “La Cesura” 2003 – 2 […]

duemilavini ais 2008

Duemilavini, the prestigious guide of Associazione Italiana Sommelier and managed by Franco Maria Ricci, includes the description of 15.000 most interesting Italian wines together witj the list of all products of the winery. The guide shows the data about grape varieties, the evaluation, the price and for each wine described also a food pairing suggested […]

guide l'espresso i vini d'italia 2007

Vini d’Italia, edited by Espresso publishing network, is an annual guide to the best italian wineries and their wines divided region by region, particulary easy to consult. For every wine are included several information concerning the retail price, the base grapes, the number of bottles produced each uyear and a detailed section on pairing wine […]

luca maroni guida dei vini italiani 2007

Piave Cabernet Riserva “La Cesura” 2003 – 82punti Piave Merlot Riserva “La Cesura” 2003 – 82 punti Amaranto 72 Riserva 2003 – 81 punti Piave Raboso “La Cesura” 2002 – 80 punti Piave Chardonnay “La Cesura” 2005 – 79 punti Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13 “La Cesura” 2005 – 79 punti Piave Pinot Grigio “La Cesura” 2005 […]