vini d'italia 2010 gambero rosso wine guide

Gambero Rosso 2010 guide: “Over the last year the production of Cescon’s has been revised, while remaining the Tralcetto historical line and an important selection line. Good test of Chieto ’07, rich in fruit and very smooth in the mouth. Even more convincing Manzoni Bianco ’08, fruity and gritty in the mouth” Chieto ’07 – […]

gambero rosso vini d'italia 2011

“Historical wine estate from Ormelle, Treviso, player of Piave area with a traditional and well known line, the Tralcetto, and a more ambitious one that is winning consideration and spaces in the market. Domenico, assisted by his sisters Gloria and Graziella, embarked on a virtuous path, reducing the amount of purchased grapes, and, in the […]

vini buoni d'italia 2009 touring club

This guide is aimed to the broad public which looks at the native Italian grapes. They pubblish just a selection of wineries from every Italian regions: the wines are selected based mainly on 4 criteria: quality. expression of the variety, drinkability and bottling. Piave Doc Raboso Rabià Riserva 2003 – 4 stelle Piave Doc Tai […]

wines of italy gambero rosso 2009

Piave Cabernet “La Cesura” Riserva 2005 – 2 glass Piave Merlot “La Cesura” Riserva 2005 – 2 glass Piave Raboso Rabià Riserva 2003 – 2 glass Amaranto 72 Riserva 2005 – 1 glass Piave Raboso “La Cesura” Riserva 2004 – 1 glass Manzoni Bianco Non Filtrato 2007 – 1 glass Manzoni Bianco “La Cesura” 2007 […]