wines of italy gambero rosso 2009

Piave Cabernet “La Cesura” Riserva 2005 – 2 glass Piave Merlot “La Cesura” Riserva 2005 – 2 glass Piave Raboso Rabià Riserva 2003 – 2 glass Amaranto 72 Riserva 2005 – 1 glass Piave Raboso “La Cesura” Riserva 2004 – 1 glass Manzoni Bianco Non Filtrato 2007 – 1 glass Manzoni Bianco “La Cesura” 2007 […]

vini di veronelli 2009

More than 17.000 wines from 3.000 wine producers of Italy and Canton Ticino were entered for the edition 2009 of “I vini di Veronelli”: a renewed success for an historical Italian wine guide (21 edition). Piave Raboso “La Cesura” 2004 – 3 stelle Piave Cabernet Riserva “La Cesura” 2005 – 2 stelle Piave Pinot Grigio […]

duemilavini 2009

Ten edition for the prestigious guide of Associazione Italiana Sommelier, managed by Mr. Franco Maria Ricci, editor of Bibenda magazine: one of the most read wine guides of Italy. Rabià – Raboso Riserva 2005 DOC Piave – 4 grappoli Mejo – Sauvignon 2008 IGT Veneto – 4 grappoli Chieto – Cuvée Cab. Sauv. & Merlot […]

decanter magazine november 2008

Pinot grigio Doc Friuli Grave “Il tralcetto” valued as best value white wine of the month by Decanter magazine – United Kingdom. From a winery born in the 1950s, this fresh and tasty wine is unmistikably italian in character, with subtle, floral aromas that reserved nose may not particularly excite initially, but it is far […]

Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13 “La cesura” 2007 among the “selected wines” pages of Cucina e Vini magazine. Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13 “La Cesura” 2007 has been reviewd among the best selected wines for consumers, edited by Mr. Francesco D’Agostino. Above the excellent review of our Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13, a cross made in the 1930’s between Riesling Renano […]

Click here to discover an overview of Wine Spectator’s judgment for our selection of red and white wines. Cabernet Piave “La Cesura” Riserva 2003: 87 punti Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13 “La Cesura” 2005: 83 punti Amaranto 72 Riserva 2003 : 83 punti Chardonnay Doc Piave “La Cesura” 2005: 82 punti Cabernet Piave “La Cesura” 2004: 81 […]

Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13 “La Cesura” and Amaranto 72 reviewed by “Il mio vino” among wines with best quality/price ratio. Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13 “La Cesura” 2007 and Amaranto Riserva 2005 had been reviewed on the “Il mio vino” magazine – “Guida mercato” page – october and november 2008 issue. This section introduces to consumer the best […]

guida dei vini italiani 2008 luca maroni

The guide published by Luca Maroni describes and evaluates the best italian wine production, reserving a particular attention to those wines which have shown the best sensory characteristics during the tasting. Piave Merlot Riserva “La Cesura” 2004 – 85 punti Piave Cabernet Riserva “La Cesura” 2004 – 84 punti Piave Raboso “La Cesura” 2003 – […]