It is time for us to take some rest days, during which, we can check out and indulge a little bit of relax, so that we will be able to come back refreshed and with big news! Immediately, once we are back, we are going to face the most important and the most demanding period […]

Our products have been classified among the best wines according to the guide  “Annual Report of the best Italian Wines of 2019″  for their excellence and completeness. The analysis made by Luca Maroni is recognized as one of the more complete because it unifies all five senses to reward the best products of the Italian Winemaking Overview.  Our Madre, Merlot, […]

aaaItalo Cescon presents its organic wines at ProWein. The coordinates are Halle 13 Stand E100-14. Screw caps in aluminium, labels printed with natural ink and a particularly light glass bottle complete a stylish and completely recyclable packaging. From production to packaging: ecology first of all. Discover our organic wines “Observe, listen and encourage nature and […]

vino madre manzoni bianco biologico tre bicchieri gambero rosso 2017

Today, our “Madre” organic Manzoni Bianco 2014 wine was awarded “Tre Bicchieri” (Three Glasses) by @Gambero Rosso and included in the 2017 Guide to Italian Wines. This recognition rewards excellence and is the first time a Piave wine has been honoured with this award. Our desire was to create a wine that would write the […]

vendemmia 2016

It’s official: the 2016 Grape Harvest has begun at Italo Cescon. It’s that time of the year when we reap the rewards of months of hard work, dedication and love. When we get up at five in the morning to be in the vineyard by six, eager and enthusiastic; where at night we analyse data […]