In these days we are witness of the phenomenon of blooming in the vineyard: one of the most crucial phases for grape yield. The buds that have panicle inflorescences, with a slight delay caused by the temperatures of the past few weeks, begin to show the first floral bud that opens. The duration of the […]

This year, due to the cool spring, the flowering phase will be delayed by at least 15 days. In this period, with the vegetative wall in the development phase, we are manually carrying out the suckling and scacchiatura operations also known as green pruning. Two complementary processes that are carried out on the herbaceous shoots. […]

Following the Weeping of the Vine, which marks the resumption of the vegetative activity of the plant, the budding takes place. The budding of the vine is one of the most fascinating phases of the entire vegetative cycle: the buds, swollen, begin to open showing the unfolding of the first leaves that will kick off […]