When we began the long journey that led us to Madre, we were looking for the ideal harmony between the typical aspects of Organic Manzoni Bianco and a management of vineyard and cellar that could enhance and make those peculiarities last over time. We have embarked on a continuous path, which is different and familiar […]

The scent of harvest begins to be felt in the air thanks to veraison: a very important process for the grape berry because it also marks the beginning of polyphenols and aromas accumulation, that will reach their maximum expression during ripening. This phase of the growth of the plant is truly “scenographic” and curious: the […]

After the flowering stage in the vineyards, you can witness the “Fruit Set” event, where the plant chooses the flowers which will be transformed in fruits and the first grapes begin to grow. The Fruit Set is one of most important stages of the grapevine life cycle, that once again shows the wisdom of Mother […]