“Joy is the best of wine”
George Eliot

The Winery

Every wine is influenced by the background and the atmosphere in which it matures and that’s why, as we have learned thanks to ancient cellarmen and our father Italo Cescon, we give our wines all the time that they need to mature into our modern and functional cellar next to our headquarters in Roncadelle, Treviso, that consists of:

A repart for vinification in which there are the steel tanks for fermentation and stockpiling, with automatic device for temperature control and for sur-lie practice during maturation time, both for red and white wines.

An elevation cellar with Slavonia wood barrels, oaken barriques and tonneaux selected for us by an expert French cooper. The passage in wood allows the wine to take advantage of all those substances which, together with the constant micro aeration typical of the storage place, determine the enrichment of its bouquet and the achievement of an ideal aromatic and organoleptic complexity.

Refinement in bottles concludes the wine’s maturation. It completes its evolution becoming more refined from the olfactory and tasting point thanks to the controlled temperature that permits to wines to reach their optimal equilibrium.

We are pleased to welcome the wine’s lovers and take them for a walk through the vineyards and a visit to aging vinery, charming premises where the wine matures and refines in precious oak barrels. You can visit us every day, if possible by fixing some days before an appointment, and taste a small selextion of typical flavours of Treviso province.