“Wine is bottled poetry”

Our Values

Italo Cescon family's project: grow the passion

Tradition, passion and innovation: since 1957 our family, native of S.Polo di Piave, few kilometers away from Treviso city (Veneto), works respecting and feeding these values, from the great care that we reserve to our vineyards to the faithful attention into the cellar.

The traditions of our family: we have gathered the donation and the talent of the founder, our father Italo Cescon, and we have cherished his suggestions and the natural taste of our wines, refining their quality.

Innovation is for us synonymous with our open mind, with our ability to catch the betterment of technology (agronomical, oenological and commercial) that could help us to improve always the quality of our work and our wines.

Passion is the core of our activity and what manage our vine dresser family. Along with the territory, the climate and the vine contributes to discover and produce unique wines, that convey the aromas and flavours typical of our lands.

Through a correct interpretation of modern technology also into the cellar we always try to transmit in every glass our history and the distinctiveness of the plain area of the Treviso province, crossed by the river Piave: every day our work is moved by our will of improve our brand awareness and the value of our past.

We also firmly believe that what makes one wine great is link between the man, the vine, the soil properties and the microclimate, it’s hard indeed dissect these items from human factors such us viticultural regimes and winery practices. A great wine should have a unique personality and communicate the essence of a particular place, time and philosophy.

Our wines arise from alluvial soils really fertile, from men who respect the nature and are environment-friendly, from our history that has began 50 years ago and from our love for wine: the charming encounter between the best tradition and modern productive techniques guarantees these wines a quality acknowledged all over the world, especially for vines autochthonous of Piave Area, one of the most appreciate wine producing zone of Veneto.