Cescon family's history

The Italo Cescon wine growing and producing company was established on 1957 not so far fromTreviso city by its brave founder Italo Cescon and today is managed with the same passion and love by his childrens Gloria,Graziella and Domenico, together with mummy Chiara. Preserving the secrets and the memories of our daddy, nowadays we keep the tradition we hand down from our father with a scrupulous research of quality and we produce wines Doc Piave, Doc Friuli and Doc Valdobbiadene.

The beginning

In 1954 Italo Cescon, after the end of his military service, chose to fulfil his dream of producing and selling his own wine, following the tradition of our grand-father Domenico who was a small producer of Raboso Doc Piavewine for some families of his little village, and he has founded a small cellar, Enoteca Italo Cescon. Immediately he has gained a remarkable reputation for his wines among the Osterie and Restaurants on Treviso Province giving to the bottle an unique image: the unmistakable Tralcetto and the hand-written label on a rustic, yellow paper.

The idea of the “tralcetto”, a knotty bit of cane picked out from the pruning, was born on a winter’s day in 1957 of rest and meditation for the men working in the vineyard by an idea of our grand-mother Anna and since that mild winter is the visual motiv of our winery: it still symbolises our family, communicating the unchanging principles that inspire our efforts.

The past

In 1967, further to the environmental damage of the Piave river flood, our family has moved to our actual farm inRoncadelle, where we has renovated and enlarged an old cellar.

In the Seventies we received the first requests for exporting our wines especially into Germany, Suisse and France: this is another confirm of our father’s entrepreneurial ability.

In the second part of Eighties, at the end of our cellars renewal works we had weeded our old vines in San Polo di Piave, and we had installed the “La Cesura” vineyard, our old line of cru wines of Doc Piave Area that has given us a lot of satisfactions, winning many international acknowledgments also with autochthonous vines, such us Raboso Doc Piave and Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13, also known as Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13.

The here and now

In the Nineties we, Gloria, Graziella and Domenico, started managing the vinery with the passion and the determination of our father gave the necessary impetus to the production of top quality wines and to better our brand awareness through our consumers. In 2006 we have decided torenovate our corpate image and to restyle our brand and the historical line “Il tralcetto”, giving a more impressive personality to our wines.

On 14 th April 2008 we had planted the first vine shoot of Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13 into ournew vineyard located in Pascoli street to Fagarè, not so far from Treviso. This is a testify of our huge investements driven into the acquisition of new vineyards, scientific research and technological innovation.

Our goal today is the same as fifty years ago: careful and constant work aiming at excellence, research and innovation, communication of the culture and identity of our region. We are leaded by the tradition that teach us the value of time, by the respect for the nature and by the love for the genuineness and we are sure that our land, cradle of Piave wines, with its high wine vocation should give us still a lot of satisfactions.

“Each wine has an hidden soul. You will search it out with great effort, and find it only with love.”
Italo Cescon