“It is impossible to separate a great wine from a great experience
Dorothy J. Gaiter

From the vinery to the wine

From vineyards to the cellar, managing our national sales force and promoting all over the world the Italo Cescon brand: our family, helped by several precious collaborators, controls all the aspect of products’ processing, producing and distributing wines Doc Piave, Doc Friuli and Doc Valdobbiadene, reserving a special care to autochthonous grapes.

We firmly believe that the consumer, the grape and the terroir of origin are indissolubly linked: we start choosing only the best soils for every grape and we cultivate them respecting their times and their natural equilibriums, always working carefully to catch the best expression of every vine. Since the beginning we are engaged on defence of autochthonous grapes of Piave river area and actually our farm consists of 6 estates in which we cultivate 95 ha on the hearth of Marca Trevigiana and Friuli land and 15 ha on Valdobbiadene hills, working in harmony with nature, thus producing wines of high quality with respect of the ecosystem in which we live and work.

Wine is for us the result of authentic passion, and through the research and the experience we are able to enhance both tradition and innovation; wine is history, culture andrespect. We are proud to offer an important guarantee to our consumers: every wine and his history are completely traceable, from the harvesting time to distributing channel, through bottling and production number of lot. Every bottle has to tell the unique history of that vine.