This year, due to the cool spring, the flowering phase will be delayed by at least 15 days. In this period, with the vegetative wall in the development phase, we are manually carrying out the suckling and scacchiatura operations also known as green pruning. Two complementary processes that are carried out on the herbaceous shoots.

The suckering deals with the removal of the shoots that grow at the base and on the trunk of the plant, while Scacchiatura involves those present on the fruiting heads and in the various vegetative points. In the case of the latest, only the excess shoots are removed to promote an optimal vegetative-productive balance and therefore a more uniform ripening of the bunches of grapes.

In addition to reach a better vegetative-productive connection, these operations are able also to lower the humidity rate around the developing bunches, bringing about a better penetration of organic products, reducing the necessary quantities.