Each vintage is a challenge and a new page in the long story between us and wine.

Since the first bottle, Madre – Veneto’s Manzoni Bianco organic wine – has represented our way of interpreting the territory and the bond we have with nature.

Today, this wine, so closely connected to us, has once again been awarded, with the 2018 vintage, the Tre Bicchieri of Gambero Rosso and the mention in the 2021 Italian Wines Guide as one of the best wines of Veneto. A recognition that is more than a success, it is the confirmation that our approach and our feeling have found their dimension.

Being the third generation of “Italo Cescon”, preserving a family heritage, and enhancing the teachings we have received, is a great honour, but also a great responsibility. This renewed confirmation makes us stronger and aware that also thanks to Madre, our expression is now mature.

Madre contains our roots, identity traits and – just like the person from whom it takes its name – it has allowed us to grow and reinterpret what we love, in a personal way.

In its name there is our belonging, in its flavour our land and in its success there is the future we want to share with all of you.