An identity wine treasures the essence of its creator, it tells his origins and has that distinctive alchemy which reveals the uniqueness of each element in the perfect harmony of the whole.  

This wine is Madre to us, Manzoni Bianco Veneto IGT organic wine, it is the expression of the river Piave area. Furthermore, it reflects our dedication and approach to the wine and the determination with which we wanted to enhance and make a characteristic grape variety rich in shades known, like the undervalued territory where it has its roots.

Receiving the “Tre Bicchieri by Gambero Rosso” with the 2014 vintage and becoming the first Piave wine mentioned in the Vini d’Italia 2017 Guide, was the best recognition for our commitment and the proof that intuition and courage reward even the riskiest challenges.

Being awarded the “Tre Bicchieri by Gambero Rosso” today again, with the 2016 vintage, gives us the certainty that Madre has been able to confirm the approval of the debut.

From the very beginning we have believed in our tradition, in the bond between territory and vine, in the importance of respecting the times of nature and preserving it with organic cultivation and manual picking, and in a vinification devoted to transform every nuance of the terroir into a wine that is emotion to be savored.

Knowing that its authenticity remains inside and becomes a lasting emotion, is our greatest satisfaction.

Madre is part of us, it is a vital memory, it is a future to be lived and shared with all those who trust and support us. Firstly, our mother Chiara: she is inspiration, essence and synthesis of the best part of us.