vino madre manzoni bianco biologico tre bicchieri gambero rosso 2017

Today, our “Madre” organic Manzoni Bianco 2014 wine was awarded “Tre Bicchieri” (Three Glasses) by @Gambero Rosso and included in the 2017 Guide to Italian Wines.

This recognition rewards excellence and is the first time a Piave wine has been honoured with this award.

Our desire was to create a wine that would write the history of our Company and the land of Piave. An essence, an evolution of thought that accompanies us day after day, a custodian of our values and our traditions.

To us, Madre is sharing, poetry, love. It is dedication, work, commitment as well as mistakes. It is a symphony that plays as we raise our glasses to the sky, symbolising a moment of great joy.

Today we want to rejoice with you! The “Tre Bicchieri” award gives us great pride and satisfaction. We want to dedicate it to Chiara, our mother, who has always been our source of strength and inspiration.