strawberry tart

The strawberry tart is the most classic and inviting cake that you can prepare with these red and fragrant fruits . Mom Chiara prepares homemade shortcrust pastry with flour , sugar , butter , eggs and lemon zest of our’s garden. She bakes the shortcrust pastry in the oven and lets cool. Meanwhile, prepares the custard with eggs , sugar , milk , cream and vanilla.

Then mom fills the cake with custard and covers it with strawberrys . A touch of jelly cake to make the tart even more tasty and it’s ready to be eaten.

Tip of the cook : placing strawberries to circle like petals and making them shiny with a sweet jelly you change a cake that children love in an elegant and romantic dessert.
Wine: Moscato d’Asti spumante Amablè Dosè Italo Cescon, “I Collinari”