Mom Chiara spends a lot of time to cook the dish that Domenico loves.

There are many recipes to prepare the salted cod, but first stockfish must always be soaked in the water two days and two nights and the water must be changed. The third day mum places the salted cod in a pan, covers it with cold salted water and brings it slowly to the boil. After removes it from the heat and lets the cod cool down in the salted water. In the meantime, she finely cut onion slices, places them in another pan with abundant extra virgin olive oil. When the onions are golden, put in the anchovies and mix them until they dissolve. Then she drains the salted cod, removes skin and bones and gently breaks it into flakes. She puts the cod flakes into the pan with the sautéed onions and sardines, covers the mixture with milk and everything cooks for about two hours. Sprinkle with the Grana, two minutes before removing from the heat is the touch of the cook to flavor the dish more .
Memories of the cook: Once the onions were mixed with sardines that are more precious than anchovies.
Wine: Chardonnay, Tralcetto old label