mixed boiled meat with horseradish cream

The mix boiled meat is a traditional dish of northern Italy . Each region has its own variant . Each family has its own dressing . The home chef, mum Chiara, prepares it in this way.

About the mixed boiled meat, she pours into a rather large pot five liters of saltwater . Adds celery, onion, carrot and brings to boil . Then puts into the pan sirloin beef and reduce heat so the liquid not boils . After an hour, add the veal, the chicken, the tongue and cooks all for about 2 hours. Meanwhile mum Chiara grates the horseradish root with a green apple and adds: apple cider vinegar, olive oil and a tablespoon of sugar. She mixes well together. Finally mum serves the mixed boiled meat into a large dish with the horseradish sauce in the center.
cook’s secret: the horseradish root is extremely spicy. There is a way to grate it without irritating the eyes. Mum Chiara knows him, but to find out you have to go and see: she will reveal it only in person.
Wine: Cabernet, Tralcetto old label