italo cescon vinitaly 2013

140. 655 visitors and 4.255 exhibitors: these are the numbers that mark a difficult year but not for the wine world.
The data speak for themselves and did not disappoint.

The trend is positive and we are satisfied.

Visitors were excited, curious and interesting. They have tasted with pleasure our wines together with a good slice of “sopressa”, a tipical Venetian sausage.

We can say proudly that many people have directed theirs glance on our “corner of flavours”, a small green garden that kept the scents of our land.

Many thanks that we want to say. The first goes to all of you who have supported and appreciated us over the years. Thanks to those who love us and to whom will learn to do it. Thanks to the Earth, the Sun and the rain. Thanks for all the smiles we received during the fair.

Our wines leave a mark, thanks to you.

Gloria, Graziella e Domenico