asparagus pgi cimadolmo treviso

“Asparago bianco di Cimadolmo” is the only white asparagus designated as a PGI product in Italy, with production limited to 10 municipalities in the province of Treviso, among which our small village Ormelle.

Uncovering, mounding and recovering are done on a daily basis and the asparagus are harvested by hand over a 60 day period, considering yhay more than 30 minutes of continous exposure to the sun will turn the spears a reddish hue and devalue the product.

Producers use the combination of soil-characteristics, climate typical of the area of production, and the traditional methods of cultvation to link “the product’s quality and trueness to type”, with the defined geographical area.

The asparagus plays a primary role in springtime recipes and is appreciated for its particularly sweet flavour and is wonderfully accompanied by hard-boiled eggs, as tradition wants it and perfect served with our withes, as:

Svejo: brilliant and able to surprise as our Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13, exceptionally elegant and with an unique pleasentness
Mejo: has the innate elegance and the stirring character typical of Sauvignon our “best expression” of this grape, well known for its allure and charme.