gambero rosso vini d'italia 2011

“Historical wine estate from Ormelle, Treviso, player of Piave area with a traditional and well known line, the Tralcetto, and a more ambitious one that is winning consideration and spaces in the market. Domenico, assisted by his sisters Gloria and Graziella, embarked on a virtuous path, reducing the amount of purchased grapes, and, in the new vineyards, the conversion towards the organic production, choice almost futuristic in an area that often has made the quantitative production its war-horse. Seeking personality style without losing ease of drinking.

The most convincing wine is the Manzoni Bianco, not filtered wine and then not perfectly clear, delicately scented of white fruit with a nice nuance of Mediterranean maquis. In the mouth is even more compelling, plenty with good richness while maintaining a slim and sleek silhouette. Chieto 2008 is, also, very good. A blend of merlot and cabernet sauvignon with fruity perfumes still marked by oak notes, the acidity is well balanced by the sapidity. Juicy drink for the Sauvignon 2009.”

Chieto ’08 – 2 glass
Manzoni Bianco non filtrato ’09 – 2 glass
Svejo Manzoni Bianco ’09 – 1 glass
Mejo Sauvignon ’09 – 1 glass
Rabià Raboso Piave ’06 – 1 glass
Tai Piave ’09 – 1 glass