manzoni bianco harvest 2010

Also this year it’s the time for one of the most awaited period of the year by our family, the harvest! This week, in fact, we started the collection of white grapes. This is a very important stage characterized by joy and pleasure and with happiness we are preparing to pass the days in the fields harvesting, as usual by hand, our grapes which we welcome in the cellar to start the winemaking process.
Excellent prospects in terms of quantity but specially in order to the quality. The intense heat during the day gave a significant aid for the development of the sugars, well balanced by the acidity. The high temperature ranges, particularly in the last ten days, have encouraged the concentration of aromas. We expect, therefore, that this year’s wines will be characterized by an intense bouquet with the typical notes of the varietal clear, recognizable and persistent.
The gathering of the grapes will see us engaged for several weeks and will finish at the end of October whit the Malanotte…

From consumer to producer!

Bacchus lovers and friends our grapes are waiting for you for the harvest! All the curious that would like widen the technologies and the fascination process that turn the grape in wine will be welcome for the grape collection.
The happiness of the harvest day begin in the fields to carry an empty bins which step by step, with the love, patience and ability of the harvester is going to fill, grape by grape. The morning will pass quickly with the exciting experience of a working with nature and the songs of the folk tradition to end with a lunch all together, we will have traditional dishes, prepared by Mom Chiara, accompanied, of course, by some good wine!!!