guide l'espresso vini d'italia 2006

Vini d’Italia, edited by Espresso publishing network, is an annual guide to the best italian wineries and their wines divided region by region, particulary easy to consult. For every wine are included several information concerning the retail price, the base grapes, the number of bottles produced each year and a detailed section on pairing wine with food.

Manzoni Bianco “La Cesura” 2004 – 15,5/20
Piave Chardonnay “La Cesura” 2004 – 15/20
Piave Cabernet Riserva “La Cesura” 2002 – 14.5/20
Piave Pinot Grigio “La Cesura” 2004 – 14.5/20
Riserva Amaranto 72 2001 – 14.5/20
Piave Merlot Riserva “La Cesura” 2002 – 14/20
Piave Raboso “La Cesura” – 14/20

Score: up to 20 points