gambero rosso vini d'italia 2005

Despite the exceptional hot temperatures of this summer that have often damaged the vineyards, the Italo Cescon family has obtained a great vintage.

The historical winery of Roncadelle has produced a very good Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13 “La Cesura” 2003 very rich, rounded and depth.
Excellent are also Merlot “La Cesura” 2001 and Cabernet “La Cesura” 2001: good concentration and acidity, with marked aromatic quality.

Piave Merlot “La Cesura” Riserva 2001 – 2 glasses
Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13 2003 – 1 glass
Piave Cabernet “La Cesura” Riserva 2001 – 1 glass
Score: 1 to 3 glasses