luca maroni guida dei vini italiano 2005

The guide published by Luca Maroni describes and evaluates the best italian wine production, reserving a particular attention to those wines which have shown the best sensory characteristics during the tasting.

2 interesting white wines for Italo Cescon: an aromatic Manzoni Bianco 6.0.13 “La Cesura” 2003 and a round and charming Pinot Grigio “La cesura” 2003.

Impressive and positive performance also for red wines collection with unique texture and aromas for Amaranto 72 Riserva 2000, Merlot and Cabernet “La Cesura” 2001.

Excellent interpration and fruit’ s expression for Raboso Riserva “La Cesura” 2000 with interesting hints of black currant on the nose.